Quit Smoking Programs: Find One That Works for You

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Smokers know that smoking is bad for them. Smoking feels good, and is relaxing for most people, so it makes it hard to quit, even knowing that it is bad for us and is going to take years off our lives. That being said, when quitting, it is important to choose the best of the quit smoking programs out there. Some work better for some people than others. You have to think about your own life and your lifestyle when you choose the program that you want to use to quit smoking method that is going to work the best in your life.

There are some great quit smoking programs out there. One of the newest is the pill that you take for a while. You take it for so many days or weeks after you have chosen a date to quit. With the pill in your system, it makes quitting on that day much easier than otherwise just stopping and hoping for the best. I know quite a few people who have chosen this as their method among the many quit smoking programs out there. It has worked well for them and they recommend it highly to anyone who wants to stop smoking.

You can also get patches or gum as a part of your quit smoking programs. These replace the nicotine that you are going to lose when you quit smoking. Through the act of smoking is a part of the addiction, the nicotine is what you have a problem giving up the most. The body wants it, and that leads it to urge you to smoke. If you slowly wean from the nicotine through quit smoking programs, you are going to have better luck. Cold turkey is not always the way to go, though it does seem as if it is the easiest and cheapest. Without replacement nicotine, stopping is very hard indeed.

You can also use hypnosis as one of the more powerful quit smoking programs out there. Though it might sound a little off the wall, it does work for some people. I have a friend who went through this, and it worked for her for quite a while. She did end up smoking again, but only has a few now and again. The quit smoking programs that include hypnosis work on a subconscious level. When you do this, you come out of it feeling disgusted when you see or smell a cigarette (by suggestion through hypnosis). It can be very powerful for the right person.

No matter which of the stop smoking programs one would choose, there is another component that must be included. Support and advice is what is going to make the program complete. Some states have quit lines that offer both of those things. You can also turn to friends and family to help you through the moments when you must have a cigarette. They are going to do all they can so that you can live longer. Don’t leave this critical part out of your quit smoking programs, or you are probably going to fail.

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