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As a trivia, the first ever pet insurance policy in the United States was issued to Lassie, a famous do that starred in a canine television show in the 1980s. it was 1982 when the dog received the policy from the Veterinary Pet Insurance. Why Lassie? The answer was quite obvious. The pet insurance industry has to find a good launch pad and the dog just happened to appeal to many people who watch the show.

More than 25 years later, the pet industry has emerged to become one of the strongest and most active insurance segments today. A report released by the American Veterinary Medical Association shows that US citizens have already spent over $24.5 billion on appropriate pet health care in the year 2006 alone. How much could pet owners afford for their pets’ insurance? Surprisingly, it could take millions of dollars. Here are several insights on how you could find and secure the best pet insurance policy for your beloved animal companion.

Have your budget in mind. As a matter of fact, experts say it should be the greatest deciding factor for your purchase. Light premium payments are tolerable. You could skip your mid-morning coffee break everyday and allot the amount you saved for your pet’s insurance. Paying thousands of dollars for an insurance would not be practical and likely. People are most conscious about insurance premiums these days. That is because it is most difficult to earn money. Just bear in mind that your little sacrifices would pay off. No matter what illness or accident your pet faces in the future, you could be sure it would always be able to enjoy proper healthcare.

Consider the hereditary condition of your pet and find an insurer or a policy that would take note and include such conditions. The worst product would be the one that would cost you a fortune but not able to provide adequate financial support through claims in case of need. Pre-existing conditions are often neglected by pet insurance companies. If you found a policy that includes such conditions, grab it right away.

Find for an insurer offering multiple pet discounts. This would be beneficial if you own more than one or two pets. If you would secure pet insurance for all of them, it could cost you well. But if there are discount options like this one, it is much better. Choose a product that would allow you to choose and hire your choice of veterinarian or animal care specialist. You as the pet owner know what is best for your animal. You want only the best, no less and the insurer should have no issue about that.

Choose the insurer or pet insurance that covers well the actual value of the animal. Of course, the value of the pet should always be considered. Your pet needs insurance if it is expensive. Take note that policies could also cover pet replacement in case the animal is lost. Thus, the more expensive the pet is, the more costly the insurance company would pay.

Do not settle for less. After all, you would be paying regular premium. It is wise to make sure the cost you shoulder is tantamount and enough to cover the possible needs and requirements in case inevitable and unlikely occurrences happen to the pet in the future.

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