Coverage Variables of Pet Insurance Policies

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Coverage of pet insurance products is varying substantially. Most of the time, the insurance covers for hospitalization, treatment, and other veterinary expenses. However, some insurers offer much more, acknowledging the value of premiums and money used by pet owners to shoulder the costs. Here are some terms that are usually provided by pet insurance policies that are available these days.

Legal liabilities – The product should provide coverage for third party damages. For instance, your pet dog could bite someone, who eventually would file legal complaints to secure compensation for the damage costs incurred. The same goes with properties of other people your pet could incur.

Boarding fees for pet hospitalization – The insurance should cover hospitalization bills in case your pet needs one. This cost is usually much higher so it would really help if you would get such coverage.

Holiday cancellation – It would be best if you could refund holiday accommodations and booked flights or fares in case your holiday vacation would not push through because your beloved pet suddenly gets injured or ill.

Coverage for purchase price – This feature is best in case the pet gets stolen. It is also ideal especially if the pet is purchased expensively.

Animal behaviors – There are pet insurance products offering coverage for sorting out behavioral problems of pets.

Transport costs – It would be nice if you could secure an insurance coverage even to the transportation cost you would incur for traveling or carrying the pet to and from a veterinarian clinic.

Advice and support for death of pet – Some insurers know that passing away of a beloved animal could lead to psychological and emotional problems in a person, specifically if he is very much attached to the animal.

Accidents – Of course, the policies should cover for any form of accident that the animal would meet. No pet owner would ever like his pet to figure in any form of accident, but it helps if you would have the animal covered by insurance. Accidents may require costly treatment and surgical procedures so it is best if you would not bother yourself about potential expenses for the likes.

It would also be advisable if you would be informed of the usual and logical exclusions of pet insurance policies. As always, regular checkups are not usually included in any insurance product for pets. This is very logical because no insurance firm would cover such regular expenses. There are specific pre-existing conditions that are also excluded in the coverage. This is the reason why tests are generally conducted before the animal is insured.

Preventive measures against illnesses and accidents are not included in policies as well. Do not expect to be able to claim for costs you incur for vaccinations, boosters, and worming treatments. Regular health and body care are also not covered like nail clipping, hair trimming, and flea treatments. Dental procedures are also excluded.

Be reminded that pet insurance products do not provide coverage within about 10 to 30 days of policy opening. Thus, it is best if you would invest in a pet insurance product as soon as you buy or own the pet. Read the terms and conditions so you could learn more about the policy effective date and the time limit or expiration of the coverage.

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