Joint-Account Ahead

August 18, 2013 | By

When two lives join, like in a marriage relationship, a lot of changes can happen. Many times there is the combining of two lives–from insurance, to money, to cell phone plans, to the obvious of living together. When a marriage happens or rather right before or leading up to a marriage there are quite a few discussions that need to happen. There really is a lot to talk about when it comes to these matters. To combine or not to combine? To opt for his insurance company or hers? Which is the better of the two or which one will give you the best rate? These are the kinds of topics that need to be addressed so that after the fact there is no miscommunication as to what is going on with the elements of life. Living situations are usually addressed first such as where to live or who is moving in with who. Banking and money handling is another hot topic that can go either ways. Some are savers and others are spenders. By getting a Cresco checking account it can help spenders better keep track of their money so that they are mindful of where the money is going.


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