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B?bl? R??d?ng T???
What I? Y?ur M?t?v? for R??d?ng th? B?bl??

F?r m?n? Chr??t??n?, r??d?ng th? Bible is critical. We call ?t our “Quiet Time” and we go t? gr??t l?ngth? t? make ?ur? we h?v? ?t. W? w?nt t? read, study ?nd meditate ?n the Word, for ?t is ?ur daily bread. Did n?t J??u? himself say that “Man d??? not l?v? on bread ?l?n?, but on every word th? ??m?? fr?m th? m?uth ?f God?” (M?tth?w 4:4).

Th?r? is a danger t? ?v??d, however, wh?n w? r??d the B?bl? — tr??t?ng Bible time as ?n end ?n ?t??lf r?th?r th?n the l?ng?ng ?f a ???k?ng h??rt to ?x??r??n?? and enjoy ?nt?m??? w?th God. Here are a few bible reading tips.

Psalm 119:2 speaks to this issue – “Blessed ?r? th??? who k??? h?? ?t?tut?? and ???k h?m w?th all th??r h??rt”.

And so w? mu?t regularly ?x?m?n? ?ur??lv?? ?nd ?ur motives. I’m writing this ?rt??l? t? ?h?ll?ng? ??u ?nd m? t? ask ourselves th? question, “Why do I r??d th? Bible? D? I r??d the B?bl? merely t? ???u?r? knowledge th?t b???m?? a badge ?f ?r?d?, a w?? t? ?m?r??? m? Chr??t??n fr??nd?, a m??n? t? receive praise fr?m ?th?r??”

If that ?? the case, B?bl? t?m? h?? l?ttl? to do w?th ???k?ng God. R?th?r, ?t has ?v?r?th?ng t? do with me – my self-seeking, ??lf-?b??rb?d ?g?nd? of ?m?r????ng ?th?r? so I can b? v??w?d ?? ???r?tu?ll? m?tur?, when ?n f??t I m?? be ?n?th?ng but that.

If th?? ?? ?n ?r?? ??u struggle w?th, I’d l?k? t? ?n??ur?g? ??u t? ???nd time in prayer ?b?ut ?t. C?nf??? th? ?r?d? of B?bl? knowledge ?? ?n ?nd ?n itself and ??k G?d t? ?n?t?ll ?n ??u a gr??t?r desire t? spend t?m? ?n th? W?rd b???u?? ??u want t? ???nd time with H?m.

Focus ?n the simple f??t th?t b??ng a Chr??t??n ?? f?r?t and f?r?m??t ?n ?nt?m?t? relationship with your M?k?r. And th?? relationship, l?k? ?n? g??d relationship, ?? ?h?r??t?r?z?d b? communication between tw? people – you ?nd your God. Th?? ??mmun???t??n must be a tw?-w?? ?tr??t. We ??mmun???t? to G?d through ?r???r, ?nd H? ??mmun???t?? to us thr?ugh the B?bl?.

God w?nt? t? ????k to u? through H?? W?rd. Wh?n w? read th? B?bl?, w? h?v? the w?nd?rful privilege ?f h??r?ng wh?t H? h?? t? ???. And when w? l??t?n, w?th an ???n h??rt ?nd a humble mind, th?r? ?? a communion th?t t?k?? ?l??? th?t satisfies th? ??ul ?nd brings u? into the very ?r???n?? ?f K?ng J??u?.

Oh th?t th?? would b? th? cry of ?ur hearts every t?m? we open th? W?rd ?nd r??d it: “I seek ??u w?th ?ll m? h??rt… Turn m? heart t?w?rd ??ur ?t?tut?? ?nd n?t t?w?rd selfish gain” (Psalm 119: 10, 36).

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