Save Your Wooden Stairs With Attractive Metal Stair Treads

September 22, 2013 | By

Metal stair treads are a beneficial solution that is made for use in homes and public places. Ordering them for home is simple and they are often made of fine materials designed to protect existing stair steps. Plus, you can get them as rubber or vinyl pads which serve to provide better climbing up and down the stairs. Public places, however, require similar products constructed of solid and thick components that will withstand a lot of foot traffic.

These security products are created to support various step widths. They are even for sale in a number of thicknesses. How thick and wide each outdoor stair tread is can determine how comfortable and tough it will be. Some are available with smaller lips to cover the sides, or nose area, of each step. These lips are referred to as square, round, or tapered and have varying lengths for the front, or return area of each step.

Prices for individual pieces can vary from forty to eighty bucks for high quality outdoor models to twenty dollars and under for simple mats. Many suppliers do offer special discounts on blemished items. Typically the industrial types are fixed to the stair steps with adhesives that are either water or solvent based. Applicators are usually provided with the purchase. It is even possible to arrange for professional installation.


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