Are There Really Any Solutions to Deforestation?

August 12, 2011 | By
Perhaps one of the greatest tragedies and threats of all time is deforestation. Since our rainforests provide us with various living means, any form of peril to it should never be disregarded. Thus, focusing on the issues and planning more for solutions to deforestation is definitely a problem in need of a solution.
Like all other problems, solutions come in a wide array of choices. However, sometimes only one solution can be tried at one time, and then time will tell if it is capable of yielding satisfactory results. With deforestation, it is admittedly quite difficult to find solutions to this dilemma mainly because of the huge scope that it encompasses. Remember, this act and its effects are directed not only at a specific area. All other parts of the world have the cause and effect of this now global problem.
Conventional solutions aim to target and fix poverty which is considered to be the cause of deforestation. Governments, together with various organizations, see development as the main key to cure. Ironically speaking though, industrialization and further city developments are also one of the causes of deforestation. Nevertheless, there are several proposed (and mostly unrealistic) solutions suggested. These suggested solutions can be investigated further here.

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