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Privacy shrubs can be an attractive safety feature in your landscaping. Professional landscapers will tell you that a good landscaping plan should address privacy issues, both for aesthetic and safety reasons. Your home is your castle, right? The modern-day castle looks best with a bit of mystery worked into your landscaping plan. If your home is completely visible from the street, you’re far more vulnerable to someone with less than honorable intentions. A thief can easily see ways they might enter your home, as well as paths to avoid. On the other hand, privacy shrubs can be lovely additions to your garden while offering protection from would-be prowlers.

Privacy shrubs are suited to many locations on your property. If your front yard is small, you may want to consider a medium sized shrub planted along the street. A good privacy shrub candidate for this spot might be one that grows 6-8 feet high and which can be kept trimmed in a fairly thin profile. This solution won’t eat up your front yard space, but will make it difficult for anyone to see the lay of your land. This also makes it easy for you to see just who enters your front yard.

If your front yard is larger, privacy shrubs may be used to obscure a direct view of your front door and rooms with windows facing the street. Staggered plantings of shrubs along a pathway leading to your front entry make it impossible to view your home directly, without actually entering your property. You needn’t have an unfriendly looking barrier of the same type of shrub. A clever landscaper can place different types and heights of shrubs in an attractive arrangement which adds beauty to your garden while serving to deter snoopers.

Windows on the ground level of your home are well protected from spying eyes and intruders when a bushy or thorny privacy shrub is planted outside the window. Choose a shrub that occupies sufficient space to make a direct approach difficult, yet not so tall that you cannot enjoy the view of your garden.

The type of shrub suited to your property depends on your climate zone, existing landscaping and the contours of your land. Check with your local nursery for advice on shrubs with suitable growth habits for your purpose. Look for shrubs that don’t require high maintenance. You may also want to consult a landscaper if you’re looking for a makeover. Privacy shrubs, along with good garden lighting, add up to good looks and safety.

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