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A home just isn’t complete without a bird house feeder in the yard. This useful item not only helps to feed beautiful flying creatures, it also serves to beautify your outdoor living space. Of course, the outdoor living space isn’t the only consideration. I work at home mostly, and as I sit at the computer, I’m right next to a window. I like to turn on the TV or run a movie, but in the summertime, I like to just open my window and listen to the birds. That experience becomes so much more enjoyable with a bird house feeder to attract them. I keep my bird book close by too, because we get some unusual fellows flying in from time to time.

But finding the right birdhouse feeder can be a little challenging considering the many options available but once you know what to look for the process will be much easier.

Many people opt for an old fashioned wooden bird house feeder that attaches right to a tree or pole in the yard. I have one of these kinds of birdhouses myself but I can tell you that this isn’t the best choice, especially if you live in squirrel country. Raccoons are a problem, too.

The birds may not get to eat any of the seeds that are housed in the unit. The raccoons and squirrels are really good at getting into the wooden bird house feeder that hangs on a tree or pole. I have watched these critters empty out a full unit in record time a number of times.

I also hate when the birds make nests in the wide open unit. I worry that a raccoon will reach in and snatch an egg or two out of the nest that is resting in the bird house feeder. Sadly, this item has become more of a treat factory for raccoons and squirrels than as an attractive place for feathered creatures to visit and eat.

Many manufacturers understand this dilemma and there are plenty of different designs in many different materials to consider for your property. I like a wooden bird house feeder because of its rustic look and natural appeal for birds. However, there has to be some modifications that make this kind of feeder work well.

Other items are made of different materials. A pricier bird house feeder will be made of quality material like copper. The many designs promise to be squirrel and raccoon proof but few really stand up to the claim. Try reading product reviews that are objective and unbiased to make sure that you find a bird house feeder that really works.

Plastic is the material of choice for many manufacturers, but don’t fret. This durable material is ideal for the outdoors and it is also very easy to clean. Some models offer wonderful detailing as well as copper colors that make the items look like they are really made of metal.

No matter which you prefer there are plenty of items available. There is at least one bird house feeder that is right for you.


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