Upgraded 16-Volt Power Supply For Use In Your Cordless Devices

September 14, 2013 | By

If you want a less expensive replacement battery for your BD cordless tools then you are perhaps searching for BD replacement batteries. These batteries work pretty much the same as the genuine one but with a fraction of the cost of the branded version. This is simply because you are not paying for the brand name anymore but only the production expense of the battery itself. It’s like a generic battery with similar specification as the original without the less essential capabilities.

Lithium Ion is also very famous these days, it can hold up to six times a NiCad can hold with same amount of battery cell. If you are going to make a Lithium Ion battery with the same specification as the NiCad, you’ll be able to have it 6 times smaller overall body size than the NiCad. What you get is an incredibly small battery that can probably fit easily on your pants pocket.

If you plan to order it on the internet, considering you are unable to actually see the product, what you can do is do some research about the product. Read some evaluations from people who actually purchased and used the product. If you can, try to search for more reviews from different websites, sometimes people are biased and tell only the good things about them and not the bad part.


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