Peltor Electronic Earmuffs Eliminates Unwanted High Frequency Sounds

September 16, 2013 | By

In regards to reliable and premium ear protector nothing beats Peltor. With so many models, you can be confident that there is always a Peltor hearing protector for your needs. The majority of law enforcement agencies preferred Peltor specially the hearing protection for shotgun owners. They are one of the leading manufacturers and well known throughout the world. Compared with other brands, individuals who actually purchase and used them mentioned that 3M Peltor is more efficient and reliable.

A less expensive hearing protection alternative is the 3M Peltor ear plug. It has a basic design, very light and small. It is actually made of a particular material that screens abnormal noise from tools and equipment inside the production area. Select from different colors such as fluorescent red, orange and baby pink. In case you are not working with it, you can just let it hang in your neck just like a necklace. It does not require a battery to operate, just insert it in your ears and you are done.

These kinds of electronic earmuffs are completely adjustable. You can basically set the noise level such that you can still listen to regular conversation while protecting your ears from the excessive noise of the shotgun. There are models that are specifically made for specific application. One excellent example is the Peltor ear muffs for target shooting. This type of hearing protector is designed to eliminate the high frequency burst of sound coming from a riffle or a shotgun.


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