Even Good Friends Are Hard to Keep when You

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You look the picture of good health and you
are often told that you look fantastic, but inside your body, you are suffering
with constant pain, shear exhaustion, depression and just feeling generally unwell.

This is when you need good friends, who understand how your illness affects you. Cancelling dates at short notice, not being able to concentrating on the conversation,
falling asleep and at times being very bad tempered are all part and parcel of
living with Lupus Symptoms In Women.

A good friend can tell when you are not feeling well and take steps to help you, a
shoulder to cry on, be positive and supportive, pick up your children from
school and suggest to you that you need to rest when you are quite clearly
doing too much.

Friends won’t say to you oh no are you feeling ill yet again, can’t the doctors cure
you, you are making it all up to get attention.

Lupus Symptoms in women is all about helping you to explain to your friends and
family how you feel and what you are dealing with from day to day, purchase My Family Survival Guide and share it with your friends.

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