Instructions On How To Properly Install A Badger Food Waste Disposer

September 22, 2013 | By

Installing a food waste disposer it is of course simple and easy, using standard tools that are normally used in many garages you can change it instantly by removing the entire device from the collar using a screwdriver and a wide mouth pliers. Just remember to remove the other accessory first including the flexible rubber hose and cord wire prior to removing the main device. For a complete instruction on how to replace or install the device, you can check with the user’s handbook that comes with the unit when you purchased it. Moreover, if you want a video clip showing a step by step procedure, try to visit YouTube, there you can see videos of people while doing the actual installation of the product.

One of the major features of the Badger Series of disposers is the tough galvanized steel body that can withstand the punishment of everyday usage. Although some consumers who actually bought and used them claim that they tend to rust and develop a leak after using it for several years especially when the galvanized coating wears exposing the steel unprotected. Nevertheless, they still last for more than ten years of use and well worth the purchase they claim.

Yet another good characteristic of Badger garbage disposal is, it has a very compact design which is advantageous to people that has a restricted or constricted space under the sink. This is beneficial during assembly and servicing work. It allows you to move freely and provides you easy access to the device while replacing. It is also very quiet compared to regular disposal that allows you to still hear the phone and doorbell ringing and even normal conversations in elevated voice. The best part is, they are very cheap and yet they can still do the job and perform just like its costly equivalent.


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