Over Active Thyroid Also Can Cause Anxiety

January 13, 2014 | By

Hormones that contribute to anxiety include: stress hormones a.k.a. cortisol. Cortisol and anxiety are related very closely. Anxiety is related to mental stress, and when a woman is under stress, she releases cortisol. Increase in the stress hormones can cause anxiety and depression in a person. Anything that could increase or decrease cortisol can help to cause anxiety in a person.

Anxiety is also possible during periods of hormonal changes such as pregnancy and menopause. These changes affects the sex hormones which are Estrogen and Testosterone. Fluctuations in these hormones can cause anxiety. An over active thyroid also can cause anxiety. A person suffering from hyperthyroidism will have an increased metabolic rate, which would increase the person’s heart rate. Hyperthyroidism patients are also prone to get an anxiety attack more easily than a healthy person.

The above information confirms the connection between a person’s hormones and anxiety disorders.


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